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     A Hotspot by definition is limited to a specific facility or venue like a hotel.
A "hot zone" is simply a larger hotspot covering a larger area like a city or town.
AmeriSPOT provides solutions for both markets. Hot zone requires a much larger
array or volume of radios and equipment many of which are devoted to what we
call the backhaul or connecting individual access points back to the main network.
In some settings, a self healing mesh solution is often the best approach.
AmeriSPOT built its first hot zone in 2007 when it launched Wi-Fi services for
Redstone, Colorado. AmeriSPOT brought high speed Internet service into a central
location within the community and then distributed Wi-Fi throughout the town of
Redstone. At the time, AmeriSPOT was the only broadband provider in Redstone,
Colorado. AmeriSPOT continues to offer the highest broadband speeds in the area.
Visitors to the hot zone throughout the town of Redstone can simply connect the
AmeriSPOT wireless signal and connect to the Internet. Internet users are
redirected to a login page and are able to purchase a variety of service plans
ranging from one hour to several months.

     AmeriSPOT created one such hot zone in Mesa Verde National Park for Aramark
concession locations. At all Aramark locations there is Wi-Fi access throughout
the park from the campground near the park entrance to the Far View Lodge in
the center of the park and all the way to the restaurants near the main museum
area covering a distance of over 20 miles.
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