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AmeriSPOT Wireless Solutions

AmeriSPOT brings Wi-Fi Internet Access to RV parks, hotels and motels, condominiums, coffee shops and any other place where people want to access the Internet wirelessly. Guest Wi-Fi service is a now a Required guest amenity in the hospitality industry. With the explosion of wireless equipment including tablets, IPads, smart phones, game boxes and other wireless devices there is even more pressure to provide a reliable Wi-Fi experience for your guest or customer. AmeriSPOT is a turnkey provider doing the entire project from site survey/design, installation, and ongoing support. Support includes 24X7 tech support for your guests from a national Wi-Fi tech support center based in Canada not India with our toll free tech support line at 866-684-0573. Phone calls are often answered on the first ring. Support also includes monitoring the network connection to the property and to individual access points for the venue owners and managers. AmeriSPOT starts with a site survey of a venue or facility that needs Wi-Fi and then comes up with a plan to implement the Wi-Fi including specifying all of the necessary access points, network switches, routers, and wiring along with equipment locations. Often this involves developing a layout map showing the equipment and locations. (See sample Wi-Fi Layout for a hotel and brewery)

AmeriSPOT provides a variety of access options for the guest including being formally redirected to a login or splash page that is customized for the venue. After the guests enters a password they are often redirected to a local tourism page. By redirecting to the local visitor bureau the guest is often able to find out more things to do in the area and will often extend their stay in the area. AmeriSPOT can also set up networks with a wide open access with no passwords or network keys.

AmeriSPOT also provides custom wireless solutions including creating a point to point link between business locations allowing them to extend a local area network with several miles between locations. AmeriSPOT joint ventures with a company in Farmington, NM named Advanced Wireless Communications to develop solar powered wireless communications towers which permits AmeriSPOT to provide creative long range wireless solutions covering distances of up to 30 miles between mountain top locations.


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